Adult Classes

Our school is committed to teaching the complete system of Taekwon-do. We offer specialized classes, an expansive class schedule and balanced training! This includes not only the kicks, punches, and strikes generally associated with the art, but also the sweeps, ho shin sool (self-defense techniques), grappling techniques, integrated Taekwon-do sparring, and more. In this sense, our school is quite different from most of the Taekwon-do schools in the United States, which limit themselves to teaching only the sport version of Taekwon-do. By the time you become a black belt in our school, you will be trained in all aspects of Taekwon-do.

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to get away for a workout.  We allow our members to attend as many classes as they would like. Regularly scheduled classes include the following:

All Levels

Any student can attend, but they will work on different techniques according to their level. New students start with a series of private introductory lessons before they attend All Levels classes.


Open to advanced students only. Higher-level combinations of techniques and power techniques are practiced in this class.


This class focuses on learning and practicing traditional Taekwon-do forms. Our school is recognized as a world leader in traditional forms. Any forms-enthusiast will love this class.

Sparring Techniques

This class reviews sparring tactics and strategies in a step-by-step format. We offer light sparring and Full Range sparring classes. Click here for more.

Weekly Seminars

In addition to our regular classes, we offer weekly seminars (separate from the regular program) at the Institute. Our seminars include Ho Shin Sool (self-defense techniques), Jumping Kicks, Women’s Self-Defense, Super Speed Techniques, Power Hand Techniques, and more.

Balanced Training

The cultivation of a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. We believe in the balanced development of our students. Physically, this means exercising all of the muscles and strengthening the body systematically, both internally and externally. Mentally, this means developing self-control and self-discipline on a path to achieving inner harmony. The end result is an improvement in the quality of life, both physically and mentally, for Taekwon-do practitioners.