Family Classes

We as an institute believe that the most important teachers in a child’s life are their parents. With this in mind, we have introduced family classes at our location since 2000 where both parent and child can attend classes together. We have had encouraged parents to start classes with their children to improve relationships and to start a family activity.

7 Days a Week

Our location offers family classes 7 days a week, giving families the opportunity to work around their work and children’s activity schedules to take the time to take classes together.

Family Time

Sometimes there is not enough time in the day to have a personal workout and to enjoy quality time with the kids. Parents can still get a fair workout and be able to spend some quality fun time with their children.

Taking Steps

To support parent to be able work with their children without discouraging them, we recommend giving your children some time to develop their techniques along with some of the social skills that we implement in our classes, before started to take classes together.

Parental Focus

The main focus of our family classes are for the parents. Working more closely with our community of parents, as you are the most important teachers for your children. From there, we encourage parents to help their children to develop their motor skills while maintaining the knowledge and aspects of the real Taekwon-do content we provide.