Specialized Classes


We recognize that different people are interested in different facets of Taekwon-do. Therefore, our approach is to provide specialized classes that address the various aspects of the art. Students develop their training regimen based on their interests and preference. They get a sound foundation in the fundamentals of the art, while being encouraged to explore and determine the special areas of Taekwon-do they wish to focus on.

A good example of this approach is the way we conduct sparring classes at our school. We offer two types of sparring classes which appeal to students with varying interests and needs.

Light Sparring

These sessions are quite light, designed to increase the student’s endurance and speed without involving hard physical contact. Everyone is well padded with protective equipment, and no contact to the face is allowed.

Full Range Sparring

The aim of this class is to develop one’s ability to use the full range of techniques taught at our school. Students who are interested in the practical use of Taekwon-do for self-defense love this class, as they are tested against various types of attacks. A simple way to explain Full Range Sparring class is that it is a “no rules” environment. However, the sessions are strictly supervised and controlled to ensure everyone’s safety. We want to keep this a fun learning experience where both men and women develop skill and confidence.