Instructions for the May 16th Promotional Test

Please note the approximate test times listed below. Each rank has its own specific time and you may only test with your rank. We are allowing a five-minute grace period from the start of each test for candidates to join and adjust their equipment. After this grace period, the room will be locked until the completion of the test for that group. Because some tests might run a bit longer, during the testing we will be providing live updates to the schedule using our Discord Server. We will not start any test earlier than what is posted below, but we wanted people to know that start times might be a bit later should any groups require more time.

We are very excited to offer our members this opportunity.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Meeting Room ID: 785-687-4051

Password: 051620

2:00PM- White Belts

2:15PM- Yellow-Stripes

2:30PM- Yellow Belts

2:45PM- Green-Stripes

3:00PM- Green Belts

3:15PM- Blue-Stripes

3:30PM- Blue Belts

3:45PM- Red Stripes